6 Recommendations to Improve Security at Home

To protect your family and your property, home security is critical. Homes are susceptible to break-ins at any time of the day.  Here are six things you can do to improve security at home. 1. Don't Advertise That You’ll Be Away Be cautious about telling everyone on...

Reasons to Order a Builder’s Home Warranty Inspection

Most homeowners who have purchased a newly constructed home are given a builder’s warranty that covers the house for one year. While having a warranty on a new home gives you peace of mind, this warranty offers true financial value when you

Tips to Help Improve Curb Appeal

Home buyers form an impression when they first see a house. Sometimes interest in a property is based on a photograph alone, so appearance is vital to a quick sale of a house. With a bit of work, a home can appeal to more potential buyers. The following steps will...

8 Ways to Save Water At Home

Conserving water not only benefits the environment, it saves you money, too. Here are 8 ways you can easily save water at home. 1. Don't let the water run while you brush your teeth. Your faucet can dump 2.5 gallons each minute you leave it running. Leaving the water...

Four Reasons to Test for Radon In the Home Today

When you think about common home safety risks, exposure to radon gas likely does not come to mind. Many people are not aware of the health risks associated with radon or how common it is in homes. Approximately one in fifteen homes have unhealthy levels of radon....

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