Most homeowners who have purchased a newly constructed home are given a builder’s warranty that covers the house for one year. While having a warranty on a new home gives you peace of mind, this warranty offers true financial value when you maximize its benefits. One of the most important steps to take is to order a builder’s home warranty inspection on your home.

What Is a Builder’s Home Warranty Inspection?

You’re likely familiar with a typical home inspection, which is ordered when a buyer purchases a home. Through the standard inspection process, a buyer learns about property defects and damages caused by age, wear, and poor maintenance from a previous property owner.

A builder’s home warranty inspection reviews all equipment and systems that a property inspection does. With a newly constructed home, you may assume that an inspection is unnecessary. However, here are the reasons why it is important to schedule an inspection of your new home before the warranty expires.

Fix Construction-Related Issues at No Cost to You

A builder’s home warranty inspection covers repairs to your home at no cost to you for issues under warranty. Even new properties may have defects that are severe or hazardous. The warranty offered by the builder pays for the repairs if you file a claim within the warranty period. Otherwise, any repairs of construction-related problems become your financial responsibility.

Save Money Down the Road with a Builder’s Home Warranty Inspection

An inspection on a new home may find defects unknown to you. Without a builder’s home warranty inspection, these hidden issues may become increasingly troublesome. The cost of these repairs falls on you if you do not file a warranty claim.

Preserve Property Value

Your property’s condition directly impacts its value. Even if you cannot see defects or damages, your property value will still be affected by them. Most buyers order a home inspection before finalizing the purchase. A buyer’s inspection identifies defects, including any issues from the initial construction process. Your home is only worth what someone will pay for it so any construction-related problems may reduce your future list price.

Sell Your Home More Easily in the Future

Some buyers negotiate for you to pay for repairs on items found during their home inspection. Others might opt out of buying a property when repair issues are significant. If you want to sell your home more easily down the road, present it to a buyer in great condition. By using your warranty strategically, you eliminate issues early on.

A builder’s home warranty coverage usually expires within 12 months, but read the terms of your warranty to confirm. To maximize the benefits of a warranty, order an inspection and file a claim for needed repairs as soon as possible.

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